We love the idea of working out!

The truth is working out doesn't have to suck, and it is our goal to share how fun (and sexy) leading a healthy lifestyle can be!

Cj Franco

Cj Franco


Val Emanuel

Val Emanuel


Based in Sunny Southern California, Neon Beige is inspired by glamour, accessible luxury, and SEXY is at the center of everything we do.

Our focus is on quality and unique designs. We source only the highest quality fabrics, work with the most ethical factories and we make our clothing locally in LA.

Neon Beige is the worlds premiere "atheisure" brand. When you wear Neon Beige you feel sexy, comfortable, chic and feminine. 

Its a lifestyle activewear meets ready to wear 

We love for women to be themselves, but amplified when wearing our clothes. 

Neon Beige is always raising the bar higher…