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We love the idea of working out!

The truth is working out doesn't have to suck, and it is our goal to share how fun (and sexy) leading a healthy lifestyle can be!

About Us

At Neon Beige, we are all about women! We're an unconventional athleisure brand and pro-women company made with the clever, fashion-forward woman who's on-the-go in mind. Creating apparel to make women look and feel put together and sexy in their everyday lives is what we do. 


Pro-Women, Pro-You

We’re on a mission to inspire women to live active lifestyles without the pressure of perfection. When you're wearing Neon Beige, you're wearing comfortable, contemporary clothes that keep you confident and empowered, whether you're running an errand or exercising. It's a pro-women brand that's pro-you. 


Our History: LA-Made From an LA Expert

Model-turned-designer CJ Franco started the unconventional brand back in 2015. Franco's experience in catalog and fit modeling gave her the opportunity to see how manufacturers often forgo proper fit and shape to achieve cost-savings. Neon Beige was born of her determination to provide women with fun, fresh, flattering and feminine fitness wear with a sense of whimsy that never sacrifices quality or fit. Today, every item in the line is manufactured in Los Angeles allowing Franco and her team to ensure the designs you love to wear are unsurpassed in quality. We're also consistently expanding the brand from creating and developing new themed collections to collaborations all to deliver the chic styles you need and want.


Feel Empowered In Neon Beige

At Neon Beige, we're determined to empower women like you with confidence and to encourage you to stay active and motivated while looking sexy and feeling great. That's why we offer athleisure wear made from quality fabric and cut with your shape in mind. Our collections are tailored to flatter and accentuate your curves so you can comfortably work towards your fitness goals. When you feel sexy and feel comfortable in the clothes you wear, you can feel confident and empowered to do what you do.

Exercise doesn't have to be boring or limiting. You don't have to sacrifice your favorite look in order to achieve your ideal shape. Neon Beige makes it easy and effortless to feel sexy with our unique designs. If you're ready to feel empowered, confident and sexy whether you're working out, running a marathon or on-the-go running errands, then start your journey by shopping at Neon Beige.